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Daily Prize - Jackpot

From USD $20.00 +

Jackpot prize starts from USD 20 and increases by $3.00 every match day. To win the Jackpot, tipster must place at least 8 bets, with minimum daily profit of $13,000 and minimum daily win percentage (Win%) of 90% and above.

USD $15.00 BONUS - Tipster is encouraged to post his/her analysis or comments on every big bet placed. Don't copy from other websites or tipsters. Extra Bonus of USD 15.00 will be given to daily winner who do that.

To be eligible in claiming the Jackpot price in cash, Winner must hits seasonal performance of minimum win percentage (Win%) of 50% and with minimum of 3 months' participation.

Monthly Prizes!

  • 1st Prize: USD $100.00 CASH +
  • 2nd Prize:
  • 3rd Prize:

Season 2010/2011 Prizes!

  • 1st Prize: USD $500.00 CASH +
  • 2nd Prize: USD $200.00 CASH +
  • 3rd Prize: USD $100.00 CASH +
  • 4th Prize: USD $50.00 CASH +
  • 5th Prize: USD $30.00 CASH +