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How to Play and Rules Tipsters Competition

  1. Daily Prizes (Jackpot) - Jackpot prize starts from USD 20 and increases by $3.00 every match day. To win the Jackpot, tipster must place at least 8 bets, with minimum daily profit of $13,000 and minimum daily win percentage (Win%) of 90% and above. If there are more than 1 tipster meet the requirements above, the one with highest profit will win the Jackpot. Matches between 7am to 6.59am(the next day) (UTC +0000 London Time) are taken into account. To be eligible in claiming the Jackpot price in cash, Winner must hits seasonal performance of minimum win percentage (Win%) of 50% and with minimum of 3 months' participation.
    • USD 15.00 BONUS - Tipster is encouraged to post his/her analysis or comments on every big bet placed. Your analysis or comments must be written in English or Chinese with your own words. Don't copy from other websites or tipsters. Extra Bonus of USD 15.00 will be given to daily winner who do that.
  2. Monthly Prizes - To be eligible for the monthly prizes, the top tipsters must place at least 20 bets per month and minimum win percentage (Win%) of  50% and above. Matches between 1st of every month from time 7am to the 1st of next month time 6.59am are taken into account.
  3. Season Prizes - To be eligible for the season prizes, the top tipsters must place at least 100 bets per season, minimum win percentage (Win%) of 50% and above and with minimum of 3 months' participation. Matches between 1st Aug 2010 7am to 9th Jun 2010 6.59am are taken into account.
  4. You need to be a registered member to take part in FootballEPL Tipsters Competition Menu. Registration is absolutely free! If you have not registered, click here to register now. If you have already registered and would like to take part, please login now and place your first bet. Have fun playing!
  5. Multiple accounts are strictly prohibited and offenders will be disqualified and banned immediately.
  6. All matches will close once the match has kick off. Occasionally, the kick off date and time may be set wrongly, in this case, if the member places bet after the actual kick-off time, the bet can be consider void after final investigation and judgement by FootballEPL team.
  7. Player has unlimited capital. Ranking is base on net profit. By placing your bets, you are automatically compete for daily jackpot prize, monthly prizes and season prizes.
  8. Every bet per match per bet type is $1,000.00. Big Bet () is set at $3,000.00. Each member can have only 3 Big Bets per match day.
    • There are 3 bet types, they are Fixed Odds, Asian Handicap and Total Goals. For the same match, you may bet $1,000 on its asian handicap, $1,000 on its Total Goals and $1,000 on its fixed odds. This is allowed because you are wagering on three different bet types.
  9. All stakes will be refunded if the match is postponed / cancelled / abandoned.
  10. The tipsters ranking table will be updated after every match day.
  11. CASH prizes will be paid via PayPal or MoneyBookers. Prizes unclaimed one month after their winning, would not be paid after that.
  12. Ensure that your account profile is updated. This include your full name, email address, contact number and country. Any false or invalid information will result in you being disqualified from the prizes.
  13. All winners will receive an email containing instructions to claim prizes. You must REPLY directly to that email, keeping the content (history) of the email as a reference for us. Do NOT send us a new or separate email.
  14. In some situation, We would also like to request you to send us a scanned copy of your ID in order to perform verification of your account. This will help us to filter abuse or duplication of accounts. You may send us via email.
  15. You must agree to our Terms of Use before participating.
  16. Any attempts to abuse or break the rules will result in the following disciplinary actions.
    • Disqualification from all prizes
    • Invalid bets removed
    • Account suspension
  17. Footballepl reserves the right to amend the start and end date of the Tipsters Competition Menu period at its own discretion.
  18. Judges decision is final.
  19. For clarification or feedback, please click here to contact us.